2024 Sales Tax Projects

The proposed project will involve one of the following on each street (see list of streets here):

  • Reclamation and paving – (1) Milling 2-3 inches of bituminous off street. (2) Reclaim the street which involves grinding up remaining pavement and 2-3 inches of subgrade (gravel) and then, (3) paving 3-4 inches of new pavement.
  • Mill and overlay – Milling 1.5-2 inches of paving off street and paving a new 1.5-2 inches layer of paving.

In addition to the street work, there will be some stormwater infrastructure repairs as well as ADA upgrades where possible, mostly at pedestrian ramps at intersections. Some residential and business driveways will require concrete work. Notice will be given to individual residents when access will be limited, usually about a week, by the contractor. The project should not affect mail delivery or garbage pickup schedules. It is advisable to put your house number on your garbage cans in case they get moved so we can get them back to you. Streets will be temporarily posted “No Parking” on multiple occasions during the project. Signs will be removed when you can park and reposted when necessary, such as for milling and then again for paving.
The City of Duluth’s Streets Sales tax will fund these projects and there will be no assessments for the projects to property owners.

Common questions and answers:

  • Will garbage still be picked up?
    • Yes, garbage pickup will still occur.
  • Can I still access my driveway?
    • Most of the time, yes.  The only time this will be affected is if there needs to be driveway concrete work performed.  If there needs to be driveway concrete replacement, we will knock on doors and notify property owners. 

If you would like more information about when your street is scheduled for improvement, please keep visiting this website for more weekly status updates.

Current status updates:

Week of July 1, 2024

The Project is about 3 weeks behind due to the recent rain events. Below is the current schedule for the next few weeks.

*The below status update is still the same as last week (nothing new to add).  We will likely add some updates next week as new street work is planned, so check in early next week for more information.

Concrete work will be finishing the week of June 24th, Milling is scheduled for week of July 1st and Paving is scheduled for week of July 8th on these streets:

  • W 5th Street
  • W 4th Street
  • N 39th Ave W
  • N 38th Ave W
  • N 41st Ave W
  • N 57th Ave W
  • N 56th Ave W
  • Spirit Dr
  • 57th Ave W

Concrete work will star week of June 24th, Site Restoration (soil behind curb and clean up) week of July 1st, Milling week of July 8th and paving mid/end of July 8th week on following streets:

  • W 6th Street
  • W 5th Street (Skyline)
  • Lake Ave. (concrete work completed)

Storm sewer starting week of June 24th for about 3 weeks on:

  • E 7th Street (from 13th to 14th)

Concrete work starting week of July 8th on these streets:

  • Como Ave
  • E Gilead Ave
  • E Locust Street
  • Myrtle Pl
  • Myrtle Street

Removals and concrete work plan to continue July 8th on following streets:

  • E 5th Street
  • E 6th Street
  • E 7th Street
  • 16th Ave E
  • 17th Ave E

This is the plan at this point. As the work progresses, the starting dates may change due to weather etc. and will be updated weekly on this website.

If your street is waiting for Milling and Paving, the street will be reposted “No Parking” again for each of those operations.

We will try to maintain access unless we are doing removals and concrete work on your driveway or on one of the streets that have storm work on them and we need to close it.