City Council

Zack Filipovich

Zack Filipovich
Councilor At Large

Term Expires: January 3, 2022
Phone: (218) 393-0212

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At 23, Zack became the youngest City Council President in Duluth’s history. Zack was honored to earn the trust and votes of over 9,650 Duluthians and elected as the highest council vote getter in 2013 and again in 2017. He now serves as the secretary for the Duluth Economic Development Authority and formerly was the treasurer to the Duluth 1200 Fund, and a board member of the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, Great Lakes Aquarium, Duluth Preservation Alliance. The Duluth News Tribune named Zack a member of 2016’s “20 Under 40.” Zack is now the most senior councilor on the Duluth city council serving in the 8th year and represents the City on the Metropolitan Interstate Council and the Visit Duluth Board.

Zack currently works in the Finance Department of the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District and he earned his Certification in Management Accounting (C.M.A.) in 2020.

Zack is unashamed in his love for his hometown, Duluth. One of his favorite places is the Civic Center - the perfect spot to read on a sunny day.