City Clerk

Administrative Enforcement Program

The Duluth Administrative Enforcement Program is the procedure that the City of Duluth uses to resolve alleged violations of the Duluth City Code prior to the City of Duluth filing with the Sixth Judicial District Court any formal criminal or civil court action against the alleged violator.  This program facilitates compliance with the Duluth City Code in a manner that is efficient, fair, effective and accessible to individuals issued a citation.

An individual who receives a citation, must respond within ten calendar days by either (1) paying the amount of the fine listed on the citation and, if it includes an order to correct a condition of the property, correct the violation, or (2) mail or deliver to the Duluth City Clerk’s office located at City Hall, 411 West First Street, Room 330, Duluth, MN, a written request for appeal accompanied by an appeal deposit. 

For complete details about the Administrative Enforcement Program, please refer to the City of Duluth Administrative Enforcement Program Citizen Handbook.