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Fire Protection System Permits and Plan Review

Starting January 6th, 2020, the Duluth Fire Department will be requiring that all new and upgraded fire alarm and sprinkler systems be permitted, reviewed and inspected. The Fire Department has hired a plans examiner that will be reviewing, inspecting and conducting the acceptance testing. This new process will provide timely and detailed reviews and inspections. The process will also ensure that systems are being installed in accordance with NFPA 13, 13R and 72 standards as well as to the approved plans.

Forms and Handouts

Fire Protection Systems Permit Application and Intake Checklist

Fire Alarm Permitting Process Information

Fire Sprinkler Permitting Process Information

Hood Suppression Permitting Process Information

General Process

Once a complete permit application, including necessary supporting documentation and payment have been submitted to Construction Services, located in City Hall 411 W 1st Street Duluth, MN 55802 room 100, the plan review process will begin. The entire process takes approximately 2 weeks from the time a complete application has been received to plan approval.

In summary, the process will work as follows:

1. A Fire Suppression System contractor/designer will submit the necessary permit and plan review fee, applications and checklist to Construction Services along with three sets of plans and supporting documentation. This will include, but is not limited to, a copy of the designers license, cut sheets on equipment to be installed, product information, and hydraulic calculations.

2. A plan review letter will be compiled by the plans examiner and returned to the designer, noting any necessary changes.

3. If approved, the submitter will be notified of approval. The submitter will then be able to pick up one set of approved plans and the plan review letter upon permit issuance. NO WORK SHALL BE CONDUCTED PRIOR TO PLAN APPROVAL AND PERMIT ISSUANCE.

4. If denied, one set of plans and the plan review letter will be returned to the contractor/designer with instructions. Changes will then be re-submitted directly to the plans examiner.

4a. Additional plan reviews will be billed at a rate of $62.50 per hour per plan review.

5. Once the plans have been reviewed and the permit has been issued, work may begin. Inspections will be needed a certain points of progress. Most jobs will need at least a rough in, hydrotest or pump test and final inspection to approve the work. 

6. One set of approved plans should remain on site for the duration of the project.

7. Inspections that are not canceled within a reasonable amount of time prior to the pre-determined meeting time or are not pre-tested/ready will be subject to a re-inspection fee per the Fee Schedule.

If at any point in the process there are questions, please contact the Fire Protection System Plan Reviewer and Inspector at 218-216-5398.

Fire Systems Permit Fee Calculator

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Permit Fees
Plan Review Fees (as applicable)