Fire Department

Station Tours

Upon request, you can visit your local fire station!

Each tour lasts approximately 30-45 minutes and teaches the visitors about what fire fighters do as well as shows the kind of equipment and trucks they use. Visitors will also be able to talk to the fire fighters about their job.

Tours are available between the hours of 9 am and 12 pm and 1pm to 4pm, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.


Please Note:

Our fire crews work 24 hour shifts and may have to respond to an emergency call prior to or during your scheduled tour. If they receive a call during your tour, it will be necessary for your tour to end and your group to exit the fire station.

If a crew is not at the station for a scheduled tour, please wait whatever you feel is a reasonable amount of time. If the crew does not return in that time frame, please contact our business office at (218)730-4394 to get an estimated time the crew will be back to their station or to reschedule your tour. 

To Schedule a tour:

     Call (218)730-4394

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