Fire Department


Is Firefighting for you?

The Fire Service is one of life's most challenging yet rewarding career fields. Each shift, firefighters come to work with a good attitude to help and serve others. Whether it is rescuing people from a burning building, extinguishing fires, conducting fire investigations, rescuing crash victims, saving people from fast-moving water, rope rescue, participating in public fire education, or neutralizing a hazardous-materials spill, this profession will challenge you, yet give you a life-long sense of accomplishment and being part of a team.

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What Steps Need to be Completed to Become a Firefighter?

You will be tested in the following categories:

  • Math
  • Science 
  • Reading Comprehension

A nationally standardized physical ability test performing eight different fire service job related tasks consecutively while wearing a 50 lb. vest to simulate fire clothing and equipment.

  1. Stair climb (climbing stairs while carrying an additional 25 lb simulated hose pack)
  2. Ladder Raise and Extension (placing a ground ladder at the fire scene and extending the ladder to the roof or a window)
  3. Hose Drag (stretching uncharged hoselines, advancing lines)
  4. Equipment Carry (removing and carrying equipment from fire apparatus to fireground)
  5. Forcible Entry (penetrating a locked door, breaching a wall)
  6. Search (crawling through dark unpredictable areas to search for victims)
  7. Rescue Drag (removing victim or partner from a fire building)
  8. Ceiling Pull (locating fire and checking for fire extension)


Be prepared to explain your personal training and educational background. 



High School Diploma or GED

Firefighter I & II Certification and Emergency Medical Technician   (both may be obtained through a technical or community college)

Interview Tips
  • Gain experience by working on an area volunteer fire department and/or ambulance service
  • Maintain a high level of physical fitness
  • Volunteer in your community (example: youth center, Habitat for Humanity)
  • Be prepared for a background check.
  • Obtain a two-year degree in fire service.

What we offer

  • Dynamic co-workers
  • Team-oriented environment
  • Exciting work life
  • Excellent benefits
    • Education and fitness reimbursement
    • Medical, dental, life insurance, PERA pension plan and more
  • Competitive wages
    • Starting pay of $58,356 annually
    • Overtime pay is 1.5x
  • Opportunity for advancement

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