Fire Department

Blight Complaint

Due to an increased amount of complaints, all blight and abandoned vehicle complaints will be added to our list and will be inspected in the order we received them. Please note, we will not be contacting every person who submits a blight complaint, we will only contact you if we have questions.

We are unable to address illegal dumping on privately owned property, i.e. if someone dumped something on your property, we will not be able to remove it for you, it is the property owners responsibility. If you have a way to identify the person who dumped the items on your property, we encourage you to call Duluth Police Department.

We do not enforce lawn mowing. 

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If you need to report an abandoned vehicle, blight, illegal dumping, hoarding or other complaints please fill out our online form:

All complainant information is confidential. To ensure there is no confusion with the location of the complaint, we may need to contact you. Without contact information, we may not be able to address the concerns.