Culvert Installation & Replacement

The City of Duluth is responsible for maintaining the flow of water within the City's stormwater system, which includes ditches within the City right-of-way.  Driveway culverts should be installed so that they do not impede the flow of water.  The City of Duluth will maintain driveway culverts on City of Duluth's right-of-way.  The culvert policy is intended to provide guidelines to ensure in the movement of surface water and to preserve the structure of streets, roads and public property within the right-of-way.

Procedure for new culverts (for new driveways):

  1. Contact Engineering at (218) 730-5200 for more information.
  2. The property owner is responsible for purchasing and installing the culvert when installing a new driveway.
  3. Only an insured and bonded individual (contractor) may perform work in the City of Duluth road right-of-way.  Appropriate approved documentation relating to the contractor must be on file with the Engineering Division.
  4. The property owner will complete an Application for Access Driveway Permit from the Engineering Division.
  5. A Miscellaneous Occupy/Obstruction Permit allowing for excavation and occupation of the right-of-way must be secured by the insured individual prior to commencing work within the right-of-way.

Procedure for replacement of existing culverts:

  1. For more information, contact Utility Operations at (218) 730-4130.
  2. Utility Operations will inspect the existing culvert to determine if the culvert is eligible for replacement.  In order to be eligible for replacement, the culvert must be structurally deficient (severely rusted, cracked or crimped) or hydraulically deficient (inlet or outlet restricted, inadequate site, elevation of inlet or outlet causing a ponding condition that is detrimental to the structural integrity of the adjacent roadway or public property).
  3. If the culvert is eligible for replacement, the Utility Operations Division will remove the existing culvert and replace it with a new culvert of appropriate size, length and grade.  If the new culvert is to be longer than the existing culvert by request of the property owner, the property owner will bear the cost of the additional length.  The property owner is responsible for replacement of the driveway surface if it is other than class 5 aggregate.

Report a Culvert Issue: