Davis-Bacon/Prevailing Wage

Note that the U.S. Department of Labor has created a new website for federal wage determination data.  To access the site, go to:

Duluth City Code 1959 stipulates that all laborers and mechanics working on city projects $2,000 or higher be paid prevailing wage. This includes anyone performing manual labor on the project site, including administrative staff – owners, partners, executives, managers, etc. - when they are performing manual tasks, as well as truck drivers with few exceptions.  Also, all contractors and subcontractors working on the project (including trucking companies transporting materials with few exceptions) are required to submit documentation of prevailing wage payment.   The documents we need to review payrolls are broken down as follows:

  • With state of Minnesota funding (in addition to the requirements listed above for all projects):
    • Signed MnDOT statement of compliance
    • Month-end trucking reports- if the prime contractor and/or any subcontractors hire MTOs (multiple truck operators) and/or ITOs (independent truck operators), they must submit a MnDOT month-end trucking report each month.

Please submit City of Duluth- Engineering Division payroll documents to:


Or U.S. Mail:

Attn: Angela Herbert
City of Duluth Public Works & Utilities Department- Engineering Division
City Hall, Room 211
411 W 1st St
Duluth, MN 55802

For questions, please call: 218-730-5081

For other City of Duluth projects not administered by the Engineering Division, please contact the appropriate department for payroll guidance.  If you are not sure which City of Duluth department is administering the project, please contact Engineering and we will assist you.

See the following links for more information regarding prevailing wage: