Get Involved!

When it comes to our environment, Duluth has a groundswell of opportunities for citizens to check out! See below for several city initiatives to take part in, and remember to check out the Residents page for information on:

Not sure where to begin?

Boards & Commissions

Sustainability is intertwined with many other aspects of governance, including finance and equity. Find commissions related to these themes as well as the Energy Plan Commission, the Natural Resources Commission, and the human rights commission at this link.

Duluth Invaders

Duluth Invaders is a service initiative organized by the City of Duluth to mobilize citizen volunteers to assist in controlling and removing terrestrial invasive plants, as well as restore the lands damaged by them within the City of Duluth.

Clean Up Duluth

Two Awesome Cities, One Great Lake!  Mayor Larson, Duluth, and Mayor Paine, Superior, invite everyone, as you are safely able to do so, to spend some time on Saturday, September 26 cleaning your neighborhood or favorite waterway (but at a safe social distance).

Imagine if everyone stepped outside on the same day, with a shared goal to take care of our shared waterways. We can already see it.  A community of people, with shopping bags or buckets and gloves, ready to keep Lake Superior free from litter!

reLEAF Duluth

The City of Duluth is re-launching reLEAF Duluth, which engages citizens in Duluth’s community forest.  

With reLEAF Duluth you will be able to help your community’s trees.  You’re invited to:

  • Plant trees in areas where ash trees were removed due to EAB infestation.
  • Water newly planted trees to ensure their health and vitality.
  • Learn about pruning techniques and help newly planted trees by pruning for safety and aesthetics.

Learn what to look for in unhealthy or risky trees to help the City track failing and unhealthy trees in our Urban Forest