Waste Reduction Resources

Did you know the Great Lakes now suffer from micro-plastic pollution? Or that properly composting food waste reduces your carbon footprint by trapping carbon? Help our local environment by paying attention to your waste! Using these resources can help you make a difference.


Recycling How-To's!

Curbside Service

Curbside pick-up offers an easy and convenient way to recycle.  Most waste haulers provide single stream recycling allowing all recyclables to be mixed and collected in one bin–no separation of materials required!  Contact your waste hauler for more information.  Residents within cities or towns in the WLSSD service area can take advantage of this convenient recycling option offered by all waste haulers.

WLSSD requires that these items are separated for recycling by residents:

  • Aluminum, steel, and tin food or beverage containers
  • Glass food or beverage containers
  • Magazines or catalogs
  • Newspaper or newsprint
  • Plastic containers
  • Paper
  • Corrugated cardboard

Reducing Waste Tips!

Learn how to reduce your household waste!

How to Compost!

Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint through composting here!


Concerned about plastics in Lake Superior? So are we. Learn how to reduce your single-use plastic footprint from the MPCA” and maybe could we add a graphic/disposable plastic bottle:

We love our dogs, except when it comes to dealing with the waste they leave behind.

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