Snow Emergency

Stay Up to Date

There are several ways to stay up to date during a snow emergency! Information will be posted to the following locations once a snow emergency has been declared.

City Social Media Pages:


Snow Emergency Brochure

The City of Duluth will be mailing snow emergency brochures to residents and business. The brochure outlines the timeline of a snow emergency, provides information on parking during a snow emergency, and other tips and reminders that residents and visitors should follow during the winter months. This is the third year that the City has sent a mailer to residents and business owners to communicate parking rules, and snow removal requirements.

To view or download the brochure click here.

Northland Alert

By signing up for Northland Alert you will be one of the first to know when the City declares a snow emergency. You can choose to receive a text, phone call, and/or an email to let you know that a snow emergency has been declared. This free service is a partnership with St. Louis County. When creating an account be sure to sign up for a snow emergency notification which is one of the many alerts that you can sign up for. To sign up visit

Local Media

The City of Duluth will also work with the local media to ensure that snow emergencies are reported as soon as they have been declared.