Snow Emergency

Snow Removal Requirements

Did you know that property owners are required to clear sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall? It’s true! Per City ordinance, property owners are required to clear any snow and ice on sidewalks abutting their property so that sidewalks are accessible for everyone to use during the winter months. Property owners who don’t clear their sidewalks are at risk of property tax assessments for noncompliance.

Sidewalk Removal Requirements:

  • Remove all ice from sidewalks. Sprinkling sand can help prevent people from slipping.
  • Pile snow on your yard. It is against the law to shovel snow into streets and alleys.
  • If you have a corner property, clear curb cuts at corners and crosswalks to the street gutter.
  • Shovel the sidewalks on all sides of your property. The full width of the sidewalk should be clear of snow and ice.

Residents can report sidewalk issues by visiting Select the type of complaint as either a public or private sidewalk and complete the rest of the form. Complaints require an exact address to be processed effectively.