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Crime Victim Rights

Know Your Rights as a Victim: Minnesota Statute 611A

Be Informed of Court Procedures

A Crime Victim has the right to be informed of:

  • The prosecution process and their right to participate in it
  • The content of any proposed settlement offer
  • Any court schedule changes when subpoenaed or requested to testify
  • The final disposition of a criminal case
  • The Prosecutor’s decision to decline prosecution of domestic assault or harassment
  • The availability of protection orders
  • Information regarding a defendant’s appeal

Be Involved in Court Procedures

A Crime Victim has the right to:

  • Ask the prosecuting attorney to request a speedy trial
  • Be notified of the content of any plea agreement or recommendation
  • Object, either orally or in writing, to any plea agreement or proposed disposition
  • Provide input into any pre-trial diversion programs
  • Apply for reparations (financial compensation) for non-property losses incurred as a result of the crime
  • Request restitution for out of pocket expenses directly related to the crime
  • Present a victim impact statement at the sentencing hearing
  • Present a statement to the court if the defendant is requesting an expungement of the records

Be Protected from Harm

A Crime Victim has the right to:

  • Protection from threats or coercion from any person regarding their testimony
  • A separate waiting area during court proceedings
  • Protection from employer retaliation when required to testify or be present in court
  • Request Law Enforcement to withhold public information identifying the victim
  • Withhold a home or employment address, telephone number, or date of birth in court proceedings, unless ordered by the court
  • Request notification of the defendant’s release or transfer while “in custody”
  • Request notification of the defendant's petition for expungement