City Attorney

Filing a Claim

  • Complete a claim form or call (218)730-5276. Claim form must be submitted within 180 days of the event.
  • Return claim form to:

City Attorney’s Office
C/O Claims Agent
440 City Hall
411 W First Street
Duluth, MN 55802

  • Include all proof necessary to show fault on the part of the City of Duluth. The City may deny any claim where the City is not at fault.
  • DO NOT wait beyond 180 days to send in your claim notice, even if you do not have all of your bills.

The City Attorney's Claims Division will document and review your claim. After investigating the claim, the Claims Investigator will be in contact with you with a response.  If you have any additional information regarding your claim during the investigation, you should contact the Claims Investigator. 

  • The existence of a defense under law which prevents liability.
  • Failure to file the claim on time – within 180 days from the event.
  • The event was caused by someone or something other than the City.

The City Claims Investigator can be reached at 218-730-5276 or by email at