Parking Services

On-Street Parking

Alternate side parking is in effect 24/7 year-round by default unless a particular
block has parking-related signage stipulating otherwise.

Vehicles parked on the street must be moved every 24 hours.

Vehicles parked on the street must be a minimum of…

  • 7’ from alleys and driveways (even one’s own driveway)
  • 10’ from fire hydrants
  • 20’ from crosswalks
  • 30’ from stop signs

No parking is permitted in alleys, on boulevards (the grass between the sidewalk
and the street), and front yards. (Backyard parking is permitted in a gravel or
paved driveway. Parking also is permitted in one side yard extending toward the
street at the front of the property but only on a paved driveway.)

Map of public parking locations.


  • Anyone can utilize the street parking in front of a residence. It is not
    reserved for the homeowner or renter.
  • There is no prohibition against parking across the street from a driveway.
  • There is no limit to the number of vehicles that a single person or
    residence can park on city streets.