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Accessible Parking Request

Procedures for Obtaining Accessible Parking Zones for Disabled Persons

(rev 10/06)

  • Fill out and return the application for the installation of disability signs.
  • The application will be reviewed by Parking Services personnel for feasibility and conflicts with existing traffic ordinances.
  • Recommendations will be forwarded to the DISABILITY COMMISSION for their review. They may contact the applicant or arrange an interview.
  • If approved by the DISABILITY COMMISSION, a resolution will be prepared for CITY COUNCIL action.
  • After passage of the resolution, a Traffic Order will be issued and the proper signs will be installed to establish a Handicapped/Disabled Parking Zone.

The entire process normally takes 60 to 90 days to complete.

Disability Parking zones must comply with existing parking regulations. These parking zones are intended for use by persons with a Disability Parking Certificate or Disability license plate. The Disability permit must be displayed on the dashboard or sun visor of the vehicle. Unauthorized use is in violation of (MN 169.345 Subd.4) and subject to a $500 fine.

An annual review letter will be sent out to all applicants in residential areas to be sure that the zones are still needed. Please notify our office immediately when the Disability Parking Zone is no longer needed.

For further information contact Mark Bauer, Parking Operations Specialist  at (218) 730-5177 or

Accessible Parking Signage Request

Download the Accessible Parking Signage Request Form.

To obtain a State of Minnesota disability parking permit, download here.