Love Your Block

Neighborhood Trees

Trees provide benefits to our neighborhoods by improving air quality, keeping spaces cool and shaded, improving mental health, attracting birds that control pests, and absorbing excess water to reduce flooding.

Love Your Block is thrilled to provide ~ 30 trees to property owners in Lincoln Park and Central Hillside in May-June 2023. This effort is made possible with support from the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, Great Lakes One Watershed (GLOW), Ready North, and the City of Duluth.

Four species of trees are available. Click here to learn more about each type. 

orange maple tree in park flowering buckeye tree hackberry tree in park basswood tree in city

Photos: Sugar Maple (Sylvan Gardens), Ohio Buckeye (Ohio DNR), Hackberry (Chhe/wikipedia), Basswood (Virens/Flickr)

To request a tree please fill out the form below or call 218-348-2165 for assistance. 

Before you submit a form, please be sure that you can commit to the following: 

Select a tree planting site that will give the tree the best chance of survival. This means a site that is:

  • At least 3 feet from pavement or fencing; 
  • 15 feet from buildings or other trees;
  • 24 feet from overhead wires if your tree will grow taller than 30 feet;
  • and is within an accessible distance (either by hand or hose) from a water source. 

If this isn’t possible due to the layout of the yard or personal abilities. Is there a neighbor that might be well suited to plant a tree? You can benefit from a tree in their yard too! Share this opportunity with them. 

  1. Call the free utility marking service to identify underground utilities at least 3 days prior to planting day. GopherOneCall at 811 or visit
  2. Dig a hole to receive your tree! 36 inches wide by 18 inches deep. 
  3. Commit to watering the tree - especially during dry spells - for best survival success. You will be provided with care instructions when your tree is delivered.
  4. Trees will be delivered ready to plant sometime in mid-late May or early June. The exact dates depend on shipping logistics. The Love Your Block team will contact you at least 1 week prior to delivery to confirm the details.

Note: If for some reason the form doesn't load for you - please email Sarah at with your address and desired type of tree (see above for species). Thank you for your patience! 

Tree Request Form