Love Your Block

Apply for a Mini-Grant

The Love Your Block 2023 mini-grants were awarded in June 2023. The grants are closed and the two year Love Your Block program is complete.

Love Your Block is a two year program that began in 2022 and continued in 2023. Lincoln Park and Hillside residents are invited to apply for $500 to bring neighbors together to care for and connect with the people on their block. Projects could include hosting a clean-up with a dumpster, trimming overgrown vegetation, painting a porch, or gathering around a campfire in conversation. All projects must invite/include residents of the neighborhood or block. Funds will support material and service costs only.

This form is no longer active and you will not receive a response after completing it. For this application, we encouraged  people to complete the form if they had an idea that they would like guidance with.

Fill out an online application here.