Property & Facilities Management

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office is responsible for the management of all Capital Improvement Projects related to the renovation of existing facilities, construction of new facilities, parks and trails projects, and the overall management of energy consumption and energy projects within all City facilities and on building/parks pole lighting units and systems. This office is staffed by the Construction Project Supervisor, Construction Project Coordinators, and an Energy Coordinator.

The Construction Project Supervisor is responsible for interior design standards, construction project design review and management, project bid specification development, office furniture standards (including ergonomics), coordination of office moves and layouts, construction permitting review, direct project management, and the overall supervision and management of the Project Management Office.

The Construction Project Coordinator is responsible for the management of assigned construction projects, and serves as a key resource on all projects for constructability review and cost estimating.

The Construction Project Technician is responsible to assist Construction Team in determining the scope of various projects, establishing project methodology, estimates, quotes and bids, timetables, tracking, and makes recommendations to assist in decision-making throughout a project. 

The Energy Coordinator is responsible for managing building energy systems, tracking and managing consumption and coordinating energy efficiency efforts in support of projects, maintenance, and strategic City-wide energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives.