Mayor's Office

Downtown Task Force

In my 2022 State of City, I put a stake in the ground: our downtown is too special to allow for any erosion of progress and growth. With the challenging intersection all downtowns across the country are experiencing currently, we needed to convene some of our best thinkers and doers to reposition ourselves for long term prosperity within this neighborhood.

Convened by Co-Chairs Kristi Stokes of Downtown Duluth and Shaun Floerke of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, the 15-member Task Force has articulated a clear and aggressive agenda to support, grow, improve and activate our downtown. My sincere thanks to Kristi, Shaun and all Task Force members for your significant contribution of time and expertise to improving our community.

The Downtown Task Force was appointed April 28, 2022 and entrusted to examine, work, learn, ideate, and recommend strategies to advance Duluth’s downtown across those four key areas: safety, activation, vision, and investment.

The Downtown Task Force met nine times between April 28, 2022 and October 25, 2022 to address challenges in Duluth’s downtown and strategize around recommendations that prioritize downtown’s present and future as an important and vibrant neighborhood and business district.

The Downtown Task Force consulted with experts, including now retired Chief of Police Mike Tusken, Chief Mike Ceynowa, City Attorney Rebecca St. George, Assistant County Attorney Nate Stumme, City of Duluth Deputy Director of Planning and Economic Development Adam Fulton, and national expert Michele Reeves of Civilis Consultants.

View the full report and recommendations here - Updated 4/24/23 Recommendations