Charitable Gambling Taxes

Charitable Gambling Forms

Tax Return Form:   Adobe PDF

Charitable Gambling Taxes FAQ

Contact the City Clerk’s Office at 218-730-5500 or by stopping by their office at:

City of Duluth Clerk's Office
411 West 1st Street, Room 330
Duluth MN 55802

There is a 1% Charitable Gambling tax and a 5% Facility Fee.

No.  The Facility Fee is calculated once per organization.  If you have locations outside of Duluth, you will need to add up totals from Schedule A (#10, Column C.  If you only have locations in Duluth, you can get this figure from form G1, #10, Column C)

Tax Return forms are mailed out monthly. Remit to:

City of Duluth Treasurer’s Office
411 West 1st Street, Room 120
Duluth MN 55802

Returns and tax payment are due by the 25th of the month following the period in which the activity occurred.  For example, the filing for January sales is due by February 25th.