Assessments FAQ

  • Property owners may obtain assessment information by contacting our office at 218-730-5350.
  • Information requests by title companies, attorneys, and research companies that use assessment information for the sale, transfer or exchange of property will only be responded to with an official certificate. Certificate costs are set annually.  Please see our certificate purchase process here.
  • Whether it is an improvement project, a fine, or unpaid bill - you've likely received one or more notices from the City.  To learn more about a special assessment on your bill from the City, call (218) 730-5350.  Please have your Plat and Parcel number available (010-####-#####).
  • For improvement projects, pending means the project has been approved by the City Council and construction can start. 
  • Our office accepts cash or check payments, we are unable to accept credit cards at this time. Payment may be made in person or by mailing to our office: City Treasurer, 411 W 1st St Room 120, Duluth, MN 55805.
  • Payoff:  You may call our office at (218) 730-5350 to receive a balance for a payoff remittance.  Interest accrues daily.
  • Installment Payments:  Payments are made in annual installments over a 5, 10 or 15-year period depending on the assessment terms.
  • As of December 1st of each year the City is required to “certify” to St. Louis County a calculated amount of principal, interest, and penalties owed by any property with unpaid city assessments.  This amount is placed on the county property tax statement mailed to each property owner the following year.  If you are unsure of what the assessment is for, you can contact the City Treasurer’s Office at 218-730-5350.
  • All properties have this WLSSD fee.  For more information contact WLSSD at 218-740-4842.

St. Louis County Auditor
St. Louis County Courthouse
100 N 5th Avenue West #214
Duluth, MN  55802
Phone: (218) 726-2383
Fax:     (218) 725-5060

  • The City Treasurer’s Office uploads parcel address information directly from St. Louis County.  Please contact the St. Louis County Auditor’s Office at 218-726-2383.
  • The St. Louis County Auditor collects service charges from non-residential property owners within the downtown area (Duluth Downtown Waterfront District).  The fee covers enhanced services and programs, with the goal of improving the safety, cleanliness, and economic vitality of the Downtown Waterfront.  Any questions on the Special Service District fees appearing on the real estate tax statement should be directed to the St. Louis County Assessor's Office at 218-726-2304.