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DATE: 2/16/2023
SUBJECT: City of Duluth Opens Economic Development Survey
BY: Phil Jents, Communications and Policy Officer

City of Duluth Opens Economic Development Survey

[Duluth, MN] As announced in Mayor Emily Larson’s 2022 State of the City, the City of Duluth is engaged in a robust Economic Development Audit to ensure we are providing prompt, customer-centric services to everyone who lives, works, and grows their business in Duluth. As part of that work, the City has opened up a survey that requests feedback on experiences with the Planning and Development and Construction Services and Inspections departments as we work to enhance customer experience and internal processes.

This survey builds upon the vision Mayor Larson announced at the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce’s Connect at Clyde lunch event to establish Duluth as the first choice location for business growth, investment, expansion and start up in Minnesota.

“Our Planning and Economic Development department, which includes Construction Services and Inspections, is the front door to access City services which advance economic development,” stated Mayor Emily Larson. “We are working to assess customer service and satisfaction to gauge how and where we can improve. We are currently collecting input from consumers, residents, business owners, developers, and contractors via this survey and I’m hoping that they will both complete the survey and extend the invitation to their networks to do the same. The more input the better."

Responses will be anonymous and won't be shared publicly. Survey data will be added to information gleaned from the private and group interviews which have already taken place with staff, external business leaders and contractors to make process improvements, ensure ease-of-use and swift delivery of planning, inspection, and permitting services.

The survey is now live and will be open through end of business on Friday Feb 24th, 2023. It should take less than 10 minutes, and can be accessed at: