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DATE: 4/19/2022
SUBJECT: Fitger's 5K Race Traffic Advisory
BY: Sergeant Michael Tinsley

INCIDENT DATE: 4/23/2022
INCIDENT TIME: 8:15 - 10:30 a.m.
INCIDENT LOCATION: Superior St., London Rd. and South St., from 4th Ave. E. to 23rd Ave. E.


Fitger's 5K Race Traffic Advisory 

On Saturday, April 23, the Fitger’s 5K Foot Race will close portions of Superior St., London, Rd., and South St., between 4th Ave. E. and 23rd Ave. E. This year’s race will run out and back to the east from the front of Fitger’s Brewery Complex.

Starting at 8:15 a.m., Superior St. from 4th Ave. E. to 8th Ave. E., will close to traffic to allow set-up of the start and finish line. At 8:30 a.m., Superior St. from 8th Ave. E. to 10th Ave. E., London Road from 10th Ave. E. to 23rd Ave. E., South St. from 15th Ave. E. to 20th Ave. E., and the avenues between London Road and South St., will close to traffic for the race. All roads will re-open to traffic by approximately 10:30 a.m.

Motorists should be aware of temporary “No Parking” areas on Superior Street, London Road, and South St. in the road closure area. Violators will be tagged and towed. Parking will be allowed on the avenues between South St. and London Rd., but vehicles will not be allowed to enter or enter the avenues during the closure time.

Runners and spectators are encouraged to park either in the Fitger’s Parking Ramp, which will remain accessible from 3rd Ave. E., or along the streets and avenues above the racecourse.

Eastbound traffic is encouraged to use 2nd Street, and westbound traffic is encouraged to use 3rd Street or Superior Street east of 12th Ave. E. to bypass the closures. Southbound traffic on 21st Ave. E. will be detoured at Superior St. to 26th Ave. E. to access Interstate 35. Northbound traffic on 21st Ave. E. from Interstate 35 will only be allowed eastbound, in a single lane, on London Road during the closure.

Businesses open along the south side of London Road will have limited access during the race. McDonald’s Restaurant will be accessible via Jefferson St. to 21st Ave. E. during the race. The Endi Building will be accessible from either northbound 21st Ave. E. from Interstate 35 or from 23rd Ave. E. to South St. The London Road Vet Hospital will be closed on April 23rd.

Motorists should remain alert for officers directing traffic and increased pedestrian traffic in the area. The Fitger’s 5K is a Young Athletes Foundation event, a program of Grandma’s Marathon.