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DATE: 12/30/2021
SUBJECT: Having a baby in 2022? Sign up for your Car Seat Safety Clinic now!
BY: Kate Van Daele, Public Information Officer

INCIDENT DATE: 12/30/2021

Having a baby in 2022? Sign up for your Car Seat Safety Clinic now!

[Duluth, MN] Are you having a baby in 2022? Do you have a car seat and not sure how to install it? Sign up to have your child safety seat inspected by a certified child passenger technician for free! For over 21 years, the Duluth Fire Department’s Life Safety Office has provided this service to the public to ensure that child safety seats are installed properly before taking the newest member of your family home.

In 2020, fifty families participated in the clinics that took place at fire stations across Duluth.

“Everyone wants to make sure that their child is safe, especially while driving,” Fire Marshal McComb said. “These clinics are a great way to help parents feel confident in learning how to install a car seat properly, and to feel comfortable in knowing that their child is safe.”

The clinics are intentionally placed at four of the eight fire stations in Duluth to make them accessible for all Duluthians to get to.

“It’s really important for us as certified child passenger technicians to provide this service so that everyone can use it,” McComb said. “We wanted to have the clinics be located in a number of neighborhoods to make them accessible, and easy to find. It also is one more way for new parents to feel prepared ahead of bringing their newborns home for the first time.”

To sign up for the child car seat safety clinic, please visit Masks must be worn at all times during each clinic.

The first clinic will take place on January 22 from noon – 2p.m. at Station 2 in Lincoln Park. Clinics are limited to eight families within the timeframe. If you or someone you know is needing this service, sign up today!