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DATE: 12/14/2021
SUBJECT: Duluth Police release statement on recent social media post
BY: Mattie Hjelseth, Duluth Police Department Public Information Officer


A recent post on social media of Officer Adam Huot shoveling stairs at a home, after he responded to a medical call, generated some community concern about an incident involving him that led to his discipline in May 2017.

Officer Huot was hired as a patrol officer in February 2008. In June 2017, he was placed on leave without pay by the Duluth Police Department after a use of force incident that occurred in the downtown skywalk system.

Officer Huot was reinstated in November 2019 after an arbitrator ruled the police department lacked just cause for termination and ordered he be returned to duty without back pay. Huot was assigned administrative duties at the police department. In September 2020, Officer Huot was transferred from administrative duties to the Financial Crimes Unit. Officer Huot was recently re-assigned to patrol in December 2021.

Officer Huot offered some personal history about his life during the appeals process. A year after the incident occurred, in August 2018, Huot went back to school at the College of St. Scholastica. Officer Huot graduated with his Masters of Social Work in May 2020.

Officer Huot continues to attend trainings, including Implicit Bias and Fair and Impartial Policing, and is helping grow health and wellness initiatives within the department.

“I think it is important to acknowledge that what happened in May 2017 is my own failure. I didn’t show up to work that day and give the City of Duluth, the community, or my Duluth Police partners the best version of myself. I did not give Mr. Houle the patience or empathy he deserved and I failed to see the impact of my actions prior to my split-second decision,” said Officer Adam Huot. “During my time at the College of St. Scholastica I not only learned about effective and evidence-based techniques for therapy and counseling, but also attended courses pertaining to social justice, social welfare policy, and community mental health. This course work cultivated a tremendous amount of time to reflect and realign my values and perspectives. My colleagues and professors throughout my studies challenged me to consider all perspectives and to arrive into any situation with empathy and understanding. I returned to the Duluth Police Department a much better person than when I left it. I hold the negative impacts I have created close to me as a reminder that I can do better. I have worked tirelessly, and will tenaciously continue to support and implement initiatives for positive change surrounding wellness, mental health stigma, and physical wellbeing.”

“The Duluth Police Department recognizes Officer Huot’s actions in May 2017 were unacceptable and betrayed the community’s trust,” said Chief Mike Tusken. “Upon his reinstatement to the department, Officer Huot was presented with clear expectations to regain the public’s trust by being kind, caring, and compassionate in his service to the community. My decision to put Officer Huot back on patrol is based on my observations of Officer Huot personal and professional growth aligning with our department’s values, core beliefs, and mission.”