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DATE: 10/1/2021
SUBJECT: Duluth Fire to wear pink shirts in October to raise breast cancer awareness
BY: Kate Van Daele, Public Information Officer



Duluth Fire to wear pink shirts in October to raise breast cancer awareness

[Duluth, MN] The Duluth Fire Department and the Duluth Firefighters Local 101 have joined forces to bring awareness for prevention and early detection by wearing official pink uniform shirts during October. The Department and Local 101 have worn the shirts for several years to support survivors and those whose fight with breast cancer has just begun.

"The Duluth Fire Department is proud to continue the tradition of wearing pink uniform shirts to bring awareness while showing support for the members of our community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer," Fire Chief Shawn Krizaj said. "While this is voluntary, every year, I appreciate how many of our staff chose to wear them throughout the month."

In the past, the shirts have been sold to the public to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. This year, the Department encourages the public to make donations to the organization directly.

"We have had several of our member's spouses go through the battle of breast cancer," Local 101 President Adam Casillas said. "Because of this, it is extremely important to us to show support and raise awareness for them, as well as all others who are currently fighting or has fought this disease. Awareness and early detection are the key to fighting and beating this disease."

"In our profession, cancer is, unfortunately, something that we see all too often," Chief Krizaj said. "Internally, we work hard to provide education and awareness and to minimize the risks as much as we can. Hopefully, wearing the pink shirts throughout the month will spark a conversation, encourage people to get screened or schedule an appointment. It's important and could save a life."

To donate to the American Cancer Society click on the following link: