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DATE: 8/26/2021
SUBJECT: Spoons Bar and Grill ignites in second structure fire
BY: Assistant Chief Clint Reff & Kate Van Daele, PIO

CASE NO.: 21-9466
INCIDENT DATE: 8/26/2021
INCIDENT LOCATION: 2100 West Superior Street

Spoons Bar and Grill ignites in second structure fire

[Duluth, MN] Just before 11:40 a.m., the Duluth Fire Department responded to a report of smoke coming from Spoons Bar and Grill in Lincoln Park. This building was involved in a kitchen fire earlier this morning that crews extinguished just after 4:30 a.m.

On arrival, crews saw smoke coming from the rear of the building where the kitchen is located. Crews laid lines to the backside and knocked down the fire in the kitchen and ceiling. At the same time, additional crews used ladders to get onto the roof and gain access to the stack house. The stack house had a vent coming from the kitchen. Crews removed the vent using a chainsaw and put out the fire within the vent and pipe chase.

Fire officials believe that the fire reignited in an open space between the kitchen and the stack house after crews left the scene this morning. The building experienced another $25,000 in damages to the kitchen and overall structure from the second fire. The total damages are estimated to cost $100,000 in loss of contents and structural damage.

Crews from Headquarters, Lincoln Park, and Spirit Valley responded to the call.

The cause of the initial fire remains under investigation by the Duluth Fire Marshal’s Office.

No one was injured in either fire.

The Duluth Fire Department to date has responded to 91 structure fires in 2021. Last year, the Department responded to a total of 141 structure fires. That was an increase of 51 structure fires from 2019. The Department had not responded to more than 100 structure fires in one year since 2015 when there was a total of 147.