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DATE: 6/10/2021
SUBJECT: DPD and Park Point Community Club Launch Operation Slow Motion
BY: Kate Van Daele, Public Information Officer

NATURE OF INCIDENT: Press Conference
INCIDENT DATE: 6/11/2021
INCIDENT TIME: 1:00 p.m.
INCIDENT LOCATION: 3026 Minnesota Avenue


DPD and Park Point Community Club Launch Operation Slow Motion

[Duluth, MN] The Duluth Police Department and the Park Point Community Club will hold a press conference tomorrow, June 11 at 1:00 p.m. to launch Operation Slow Motion. The press conference will be held in the parking lot of Lafayette Community Center, located at 3026 Minnesota Avenue.

Operation Slow Motion was created after a terrible car accident that almost killed several Park Point residents in October of 2020. In     January 2021, members of the Community Club held a Zoom meeting with 70 Park Point residents and members of the Duluth Police Department to create a plan to get vehicles on the Point to address traffic safety on Park Point. Since that meeting over 30 volunteers from the Club have created a neighborhood watch where they hold signs to encourage drivers to slow down, hold traffic counts, and write down license plate numbers of cars who were speeding on the Point. The Duluth Police Department installed two radar signs, and has increased patrol on the Point to watch and deter drivers going above the speed limit.

“It is really a safety issue,” Patricia Sterner, a Park Point resident, and Chair of the Operation Slow Down Committee said. “We have so many people who come to the Point to go to the beach, and want to enjoy Lake Superior, they shouldn’t and residents shouldn’t have to worry about being run over, or hurt by drivers who are driving way over the speed limit.”

“The Duluth Police Department is grateful for the partnership with the Park Point Community Club to launch this initiative,” Lieutenant Chad Nagorski said. “This endeavor took a lot of planning to implement, and would not have been done without the dedicated, and passionate group of people who brought this need forward.

The press conference is open to the public, however social distancing is appreciated and encouraged.