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DATE: 3/18/2021
SUBJECT: Parks and Recreation launches Agents of Discovery educational app
BY: Kate Van Daele, Public Information Officer

Parks and Recreation launches Agents of Discovery educational app

[Duluth, MN] Looking for a new fun and educational app that will provide GPS-based adventures in local parks? Look no further than the City of Duluth’s Parks and Recreation’s Agents of Discovery app! Park visitors can go on missions that are planned at different parks, trails, and events throughout the year. The app is a great way to see Duluth parks in a new light, and connect youth and adults to natural spaces. Become detectives and learn in your parks about nature, Duluth, cultural history, and more!

A smart device is required, though no data or WIFI is needed after downloading the app and that month’s active Missions.

Missions will rotate monthly between different parks, trails, and special event locations. In March, the first Mission will take place at Bayfront Park. This specific mission is geared towards families with children ages 6-14. In April mission locations and topics will be announced on the Duluth Parks and Recreation social media pages and the Duluth Parks & Recreation website:  

How to access Agents of Discovery
1. Download the Agents of Discovery app on your smart device
2. Download the active Parks & Recreation Missions in the app; there will be 1-2 at a time which will rotate monthly
3. Visit one of the featured Mission locations with your smart device (no data or WIFI needed once the app and Mission are downloaded)
4. Open the app at the location and follow the instructions; walk around and complete educational Challenges that you’ll find throughout the park!

Do users need to create an account to use Agents of Discovery?
No, you can participate without creating an account but we highly encourage it! If you create an account and Log In each time you participate, you are eligible for a small prize for completing each Mission as part of the Rewards section of the app.

Agents of Discovery provides a unique experience for youth and adults to explore local natural spaces and an opportunity to learn while exercising outdoors. By utilizing technology and providing educational fun in mobile game form, City staff hopes to engage a wider audience in our green spaces and provide a new way for the community to enjoy spending time outdoors.