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DATE: 8/15/2018
SUBJECT: Names Duluth, MN Top City for Paycheck Stretching & Economic Growth Prospects
BY: Pakou Ly, Communications Office Names Duluth, MN Top City for Paycheck Stretching & Economic Growth Prospects 


[Duluth, MN] - As reported today on public radio's Marketplace and CBS News, released a report entitled, "US Cities Where Salaries Go Furthest: 2018." Of 185 metro cities, the one that topped the list for stretching the buying power of a paycheck is Duluth, Minnesota. 


A quote from the hiring lab blog reads, “If you want it all — high adjusted salaries, low unemployment today and good future prospects — look instead at Duluth, MN, Wilmington, NC, and Lubbock, TX.”


[full article here, including methodology  --> / ]


Duluth's Mayor Emily Larson says, “The rest of the country is catching on to what we’ve always known: Duluth is special. It’s our people, our sense of place, our purchasing power. Our grounded optimism. While it’s possible to live anywhere, Duluth is where you can have a great life.” wrote that cities on the list indicate where economic and job opportunities will likely be strongest going forward.


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