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DATE: 3/29/2018
SUBJECT: Downtown Duluth Library Treated for Bed Bugs, Library Open to Patrons
BY: Pakou Ly, Communications Office


           Downtown Duluth Library Treated for Bed Bugs

                       Library Open to Patrons 


[Duluth, MN] - The downtown Duluth Public Library will operate normal business hours today thanks to astute staff and quick responses after the discovery of bed bugs. Staff discovered a bed bug in one area on the first level of the building on Wednesday, March 28, and took immediate steps to conduct a full inspection and expedite a treatment plan. The building was treated last night thus ensuring the library would be open today for the public as regularly scheduled.     


A pest management company conducted a thorough inspection and started treatment on all three floors of the building after business hours last night. The treatment product, CrossFire, is considered effective and is commonly used in the industry but must be applied three times, with each treatment spread out one week apart to eradicate bugs at various stages of development. Conducting the treatment at night ensures a thorough treatment process on each floor of the building without disruption to library services or patron access. The product takes about one hour to dry. Once dry, the space and furniture is safe for use. The other two library branches do not have reported findings but will be inspected and monitored as a precautionary measure. 


Library staff are important resources for the public and thus will have fact sheets available at the front desk for those with questions about bed bugs or the treatment. It is important to note that bed bugs do not pose a health risk. They do show up from time to time in public spaces, including libraries, where lots of people come and go. Bed bugs have not occurred at the Duluth Public Library anytime in recent history. Quick and thorough treatment of the problem ensures that the library will remain a welcoming place for everyone in the community.


Anyone wanting to learn more can access the Minnesota Department of Health webpage at,


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