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City of Duluth - Police Department
Mike Tusken, Chief of Police
2030 North Arlington Avenue • Duluth, Minnesota 55811 •
For more information contact Ingrid Hornibrook,
Public Information Officer 218-730-5491
DATE: 10/10/2016
SUBJECT: Strategic Planning Survey
BY: Duluth Police Department Public Information Officer Ron Tinsley (218) 730-5722

NATURE OF INCIDENT: Media/Public Notification
INCIDENT DATE: 10/10/2016

The Duluth Police Department is starting their Strategic Planning process and needs your input.  We have just launched a formal strategic planning process with a paid outside consultant. The consultant comes to us having done strategic planning for other law enforcement agencies and recently for the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association. The last time we did a strategic plan was back in 2008. The Duluth Police Department will use the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis (SWOT), input from our staff, citizen surveys, and community focus groups to forge the direction of DPD for the next 3-5 years. We hope to have the plan in place by February 2017. Our reason for hiring an outside consultant is because we believe deeply in successorship. This consultant is essentially training our staff on how to build a professional strategic plan. This information learned will carry on long after the life of the plan. Additionally, we are committed to gathering input from our community. Our work is service to our community. Therefore, the community is an important stakeholder in how and what services we provide. We are excited to develop a plan for our future together! Help us plan our future and take the survey. 

To access the survey, please follow this link: