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Surplus Property for Sale

TOWER FIRE TRUCK FOR AUCTION: The City of Duluth is accepting bids for a damaged 1998 Pierce Dash Series Fire Tower Truck “as is” for parts/scrap. The Detroit 60-6067PK45 diesel engine has 88,106 miles. The unit has an Allison HD4060 transmission, rear wheel drive, power steering and air conditioning, and gray interior. While in service, the unit suffered a major fire under the cab in the engine/transmission area. All wiring on the right side of the frame was burned. It’s unknown whether the engine or transmission function. There are no available repair harnesses or wiring diagrams for this unit. The unit has been stored outside for the past year, but as of 9/24/19, the air brake compartments take air and the unit rolls and could be towed. The winning bidder is responsible for removing and transporting the unit from its current location at 1419 Maple Grove Road. Minimum bid is $500. Interested bidders should submit a bid to purchasing@duluthmn.gov no later than 4:30 pm on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.


The City of Duluth is using a third party auction site, Do-Bid.com, for the sale of its surplus vehicles and equipment.  Please click the banner below to view the auction site.