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Duluth Flag Project

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Do you know what Duluth’s flag looks like? Better yet, do you know what it means? Municipal flags are often one of the most overlooked elements of civic-design and community togetherness. City flags frequently fall short when charged with the task of being an active symbol for an entire community.

Duluth needs a flag that both unifies its wonderful people and evokes a vision for future. Originally identified during the Imagine Duluth 2035 comprehensive plan update, this initiative stands as a community driven project that is open to anyone and everyone. We are looking to the great people of Duluth to deliver!

Submit your thoughts on a new flag by taking this short, 4-minute survey: 

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How to submit your flag designs:

Flag designs will be accepted from January 30th 2019 to April 12th 2019 and be limited to 5 submissions per person in either physical or digital formatting.

For physical formatting, send designs to:  c/o Duluth Flag Project
  411 W. 1st St., Room 110
  Duluth, MN 55802

It is required to print and fill out your information on the entry form found on this webpage. If separate sheets of paper are desired, we ask that the flag designs be in landscape-orientation at 3"x5". Any designs submitted that do not conform to these standards will not be considered.

For digital formatting, send designs to:
  Subject line: "LastName"_"FirstName"_FlagEntry
  Flag attachment(s) naming: "LastName"_"FirstName"_Flag#

Flag designs must be uploaded at 3”x5”, in a .PDF format, landscape orientation, 300 dpi, RGB color mode. It is required to fill out and attach the contact information requested on the entry form found on this webpage. Any designs submitted that do not conform to these standards will not be considered.

Important Dates 

Due to rescheduling of the Kick Off Event, we have adjusted our schedule. New important dates coming soon.

For more details on the overall process, view our timeline

Need some guidance on how to get started?

Review the material and resources below: 

Basic flag design information

The basic principles of flag design are described further in the North American Vexillological Association publication Good Flag, Bad Flag.

Watch the Ted Talk that inspired numerous flag redesign initiatives throughout the country: 

Other resources and inspiring flag projects:

Portland Flag Association

Tulsa, Ok  Milwaukee, WI   Pocatello, ID


 Thank you for helping us create a new symbol for our city!


Mollie Hinderaker
City Hall, Room 110
411 West First Street
Duluth, MN 55802


Entry Forms:

For physical entries

For digital entries


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