Duluth Winter Watch

Garbage and Recycling Carts


You want your garbage gone regardless of the season. Unfortunately, garbage and recycling carts can get stuck in snow or ice and are hard to move increasing the potential for worker injuries. Sometimes carts cannot be emptied at all.  

You can avoid the problem!  Here’s how:

  1. Clear a path 3 feet wide from your garbage and recycling cart to the alley or street.  Make sure they can be moved freely.
  2. Make sure your garbage and recycling cart are shoveled out the night before your collection day
  3. A heavy snowfall within 48 hours of your garbage collection day may make it impossible to shovel out in time.  We understand, but please make sure your cart is shoveled out by the following collection day.
  4. If you are unable to shovel the path around your carts, you will need to hire someone to shovel for you.  Check the local yellow pages under “Snow Removal Services”. 

Frozen Garbage

Please bag your garbage.  Un-bagged garbage can freeze in the cart making it difficult to empty.  Bagging the garbage will keep your cart cleaner  and help haulers do their jobs more efficiently.

If You Have Curb Pickup

If your garbage and recycling is picked up at the curb, please do not block sidewalks with garbage and recycling carts and do not place bins or carts in the street.  A clear path between the carts/bins and the street must be available on collection day.

Keep Lids Closed

Make sure lids are closed on your carts.  Melting snow and rain can easily fill a cart and make them harder to move. 

If you are unable to shovel the path around your carts, seek assistance. You can also check the local yellow pages under “Snow Removal Services.”