Library & Workforce Center Redesign Project


  • The City is seeking all available funding sources at the State and Federal levels to invest in this project. As is the case with every legislative session, the City brings forward projects with significant local impact and regional significance to make the case for State investment. These bonding dollars have considerable restrictions on what is eligible, and with successful projects in past legislative sessions coupled with deep, meaningful relationships built over years with legislators, the Governor’s office, and with legislative staff. We remain committed to doing the difficult and persistent work to bring more State investments to Duluth through this project. Examples of the City leveraging State and Federal dollars to make improvements that benefit residents everyday:
    • Federal dollars to reconstruct the Lakewalk after multiple, consecutive storms destroyed this vital economic driver of Duluth
    • Federal grant dollars to completely reconstruct W. Superior St.
    • State bonding dollars to convert the Downtown steam plant to a closed-loop hot water system that increased efficiency for that utility
    • Recurring federal dollars in support of the Aerial Lift Bridge
  • As the City continues to gather community input and as it seeks to rebuild a facility that will better serve the region, we are committed to working with our State and Federal partners to secure funding for this vital project.