Public Works & Utilities

Your Street Maintenance & Snow Removal web source

The City of Duluth’s street maintenance and snow removal operations stem from strategic implementation of methods and policies that are grounded in the interest of public safety, industry best practices, and responsible stewardship of public resources. Citizen inquiries are important to us and will be used as part of the City’s ongoing assessment of snow clearing and street maintenance procedures.

Please use this online form to report roads, sidewalks, or alleys that need attention. Reported areas of concern will be reviewed and addressed as staff are available. During severe weather events, City staff may not be able to respond as timely as desired to citizen inquiries.

For Emergencies, Downed Power Lines, and Trees: DO NOT use this form. Call 9-1-1 for all emergencies, including downed power lines, fallen trees that are blocking streets, and safety issues that need immediate attention.

Event Descriptions


  • Street/Avenue needs plowing
  • Street/Avenue is slippery


  • Sidewalk is covered in debris
  • Sidewalk is covered in ice


  • Pothole or other surface damage on street

Plow Complaint

  • City Plowed snow into my driveway
  • City Plowed snow onto my sidewalk


  • When will my alley be plowed


  • Plow damaged/knocked over my mailbox/garbage can
  • Plow hit my car

Parking Question

  • What side of the street do I park on? 

Flooding/Drainage - Public Property

  • Streets/Alleys/Catch Basin/Culvert

Flood/Drainage - Private Property

  • Basement/Driveway
  • Yard/Culvert


  • Any Other Reason

**This hotline is for reporting purposes only. Please leave a message to submit your report and please submit the report only once. Due to limited staffing, staff will be unable to email or call back.**