Police Department

Demographic Disparity Analysis

The Duluth Police Department hired a subject-matter expert, Police Strategies LLC., to review the department. This third-party consultant was hired in 2020 and put together a 172-page Demographic Disparity Analysis that can be viewed below along with the powerpoint that was presented during the public forum. 

To fulfill the department’s commitment of transparency, the Duluth Police Department released the Demographic Disparity Analysis Report at a public special Citizen Review Board Meeting. This meeting can be watched in the below, unedited recorded video.

Releasing this report, the first of its kind at DPD, is done so to provide our citizens with a comprehensive report detailing the Demographic Disparities at the Duluth Police Department.

To watch the un-edited recorded video of the Demographic Disparity Analysis, go to our Facebook page here: https://fb.watch/c5xnO7JKlD/