Police Department

2019 Organizational Assessment

In the spring of 2019, the City of Duluth, Minnesota, contracted with BerryDunn to conduct an operational assessment of the Duluth Police Department. The BerryDunn team
conducted two on-site visits and initiated a series of interviews with staff and select community
members identified by DPD. Community members also had the opportunity to provide in-person
and online feedback to BerryDunn, and staff from the DPD completed an in-house workforce
survey. BerryDunn also used numerous other data-gathering instruments. BerryDunn conducted
significant analysis of current data and new data generated as a part of this assessment and
produced a series of findings and recommendations.

In addition to conducting this assessment and completing this report, BerryDunn also engaged
with key staff from the DPD in a strategic planning process to prioritize and develop action steps
for the recommendations developed. Through that process, DPD staff developed detailed action
plans for the prioritized recommendations and these have been added to the Full Report in
Appendix E.

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