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Mall Area Trail Plan

Core Investment Area
Mall Area Trail Plan
Phase 1
Imagine Duluth 2035 Implementation

On June 25, 2018, the Duluth City Council adopted an update to Duluth’s 2006 Comprehensive Land Use Plan that was to provide a transformational vision for the City.  This update, Imagine Duluth 2035, is a wholistic plan to put “people and natural places at its center, and shift away from the auto-and industry-centric development of the past.”  Imagine Duluth 2035 has five main topics: Economic Development, Energy and Conservation, Housing, Open Space, and Transportation, it also identifies ideas and locations, known as Transformative Opportunities, which are critical for the success of the plan. The Transformative Opportunities section designated twelve specific locations as “Core Investment Areas” due to their existing character and redevelopment potential.   Although the final boundaries of these areas have not been defined, they have been described in terms of location.  One area that has been described and been identified on the Core Investment Area map is the Mall Area- which is described as being between Matterhorn and Decker Road. 

The Mall Area is comprised of automobile oriented businesses and high-density residential developments.  As this area develops and redevelops, these intensive land uses are expected to continue and increase, therefore it is important to consider the impact on people and natural places.

Last fall a private developer approach the City about developing a multiuse trail system that would allow residents to recreate in the nearby wooded area rather than having to focus solely on the automobile dominated areas.  Adjacent landowners support this idea and would like to see it implemented. Currently there are over 150 residential units in the direct vicinity, with additional multifamily structures proposed.  

The City of Duluth is aware of current initiatives in the area that would support this system. Specifically, the Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council identifies Decker Road as a future bike facility in their Bikeways Plan; the City of Duluth’s Capital Improvement Plan for 2018-2022 identifies Decker Road for improvements, and there is adjacent public owned land that could provide a linear park/trail connection.  The attached map identifies the Mall Area Trail Plan: Phase 1, for the Imagine Duluth 2035 plan.