Planning & Development

Housing Needs Update

In 2014 the City of Duluth commissioned Maxfield Research and Consulting to conduct a market analysis that would help us better understand the state of our housing market and the demand for additional housing units by 2020. City staff and partners have used the 2014 study as a framework for understanding both our progress toward and continued challenges in the creation of new housing in Duluth.

This 2019 analysis updates demographic and economic trends in Duluth and the surrounding area, identifies current housing market conditions including the for‐sale and rental segments, and focuses on existing rental properties and the existing supply of housing available to low and moderate‐income households. The analysis then outlines Conclusions and Recommendations regarding the total projected demand by 2024 of new housing units at various levels of affordability.    

Read the report here: Update of Affordable and Workforce Housing Needs in Duluth, Minnesota            

Note: The “Update of Affordable and Workforce Housing Needs in Duluth, Minnesota” provides recommendations based on assumptions surrounding demographic, population and lifestyle trends. The recommended specific numbers of units at various income levels are projections based on the market and environment today; a variety of factors influence demand and may affect those figures over the coming years.