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Rebuild Duluth

The City of Duluth and the Duluth Economic Development Authority (DEDA), with assistance from the Duluth HRA, have identified and assembled vacant lots throughout the city that are suitable for future housing development. Rebuild Duluth strives to build a collective knowledge of creative and innovative design and construction methodologies for infill housing in Duluth, with the goal of building more affordably. Applicants who demonstrate an achievable design that aligns with program goals and guidelines, and are chosen by the selection committee, are awarded infill lots at no cost. 

FAQ Update (10/12/20) 

Q: If there are multiple units proposed for a site, are partial points possible for ADA compliance if some but not all units are ADA accessible?

A: Yes. If, for example, you propose two units and one of the two will be ADA compliant, you would receive 1/2 a point for that category.

Program Guidelines

Round 2 Site Location Maps

For more information, contact Jason Hale at 218-730-5331 or 

Selection for the first round of Rebuild Duluth was completed in March 2020. Construction is anticipated to begin summer 2020.

Rebuild Duluth Program Guidelines

Sample Construction Timeline & Budget

Frequently Asked Questions

Round 1 Public Presentation

Round 1 Site Location Maps