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Mud Lake Study

There are a diversity of decisions before the City related to Mud Lake which lies along the St. Louis River Corridor, and therefore, the City is convening a multi-commission informational workshop for Commissioners, Councilors, and interested members of the public to provide information about Mud Lake. The workshop will be held May 30, 2019 from 5:00 to 7:30 PM at the DECC – Lake Superior Ballroom. The handouts, reports and/or links to reports associated with the workshop are provided here according to the following topical areas:

Natural Resource Preservation

Figure 1A_Causeway Retained in Current State for Rail Use

Figure 2A_Trail on Mainland and Causeway Retained for Rail Use With Southern Opening and New Northern Opening

Figure 3A Causeway Retained for Trail Use With Southern and New Norn Opening

Figure 4A Causeway Eliminated, Trail on Mainland

Figure 5A Habitat Ranking Diagram

May 1, 2019 Mud Lake Final Causeway Alternatives Report

Predicting Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Cover and Occurrence in a Lake Superior Estuary  

Public Recreational Access

Mud Lake Ecosystem Services Analysis TechMemo Final

Mud Lake Community Values TechMemo

Mud Lake Futures Analysis: Ecosystem Services and Community Values Presentation

Economic Development

Figure 1D Alternative Concepts - Cost Summary

LSMR Infographic

The Economic Impact of the Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad On the City of Duluth, December 2018

Cultural Resource Preservation

1 Heritage Preservation Commission Nomination Form

2 Heritage Preservation Commission Nomination Bibliography

3 Heritage Preservation Commission Deed

4 Appendix B

5 Part 1 Appendix C

6 Part 2 Appendix C

Mud Lake Workshop Q & A - May 30th, 2019