Parks & Recreation

Minnesota Point Beach Nourishment


Project Status: Planning

Project Overview:

Develop and implement a financially feasible 50-year resiliency plan that formulates goals, strategies and actions for mitigating and/or adapting to hydrologic and erosive damage on the entirety of Minnesota Point.

The plan will provide strategies that recognize the following values:

  1. The health of the environment, on Minnesota Point in relation to Lake Superior and the St. Louis River Estuary.
  2. The health and well-being of the region’s citizens, especially those who live, work, and recreate on Minnesota Point.
  3. The economic vitality of the Duluth/Superior port as a regional source of economic activity and employment.
  4. The opportunity for people to visit the area and enjoy recreating on Minnesota Point.

Project Update:

Together, the City and its partners will coordinate the integration of the 50-year resiliency plan informed by the science including the federally funded Section 111 study and any other efforts deemed necessary for understanding existing and future alternative scenarios in relation to risk and resiliency. Over the next two to three years, the City will work with its’ partners to complete the Section 111 study managed and performed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The study will identify and quantify any adverse impacts to the shoreline of MN Point from the federal navigation structures at the Duluth-Superior Harbor. The study will include development of plans to mitigate any identified shore damages attributable to those structures. Integral to this work will be the development of the Minnesota Point’s 50-year resiliency plan (MP50).