Parks & Recreation

Lower Chester


Project Status: Fundraising

Project Overview:

The 2012 City Council approved Mini-Master Plan was updated as a result of a request from stakeholder groups in order to meet the current usage trends of Lower Chester Park. The guiding principles of the planning process included:

  1. Provide opportunities to connect the community physically and socially.
  2. Provide a high quality experience for all users.
  3. Provide a safe park experience for users of all ages and abilities.
  4. Be economically responsible.
  5. Be environmentally sustainable.
  6. Reducing barriers for park use, access and programs.

Project Update:

Pre-design has been completed. Additional project updates are pending until fundraising for upgrades is achieved. 


Public meetings related to the design and construction process will announced via City of Duluth press releases and community calendars. Please sign up for City of Duluth communication updates, subscribe by using:

Project Partners:

Neighbors of Lower Chester Park

Duluth Area Hockey Association

Congdon-Lower Chester Hockey