Parks & Recreation

Clyde Connector Trail


Project Status: Post Construction

Project Overview:

The city-owned, formerly abandoned, Duluth Winnipeg, and Pacific (DWP) railroad trail is a roughly 100 ft. wide corridor (wider in some locations) runs continuously for about 10 miles from 63rd Street West to Becks Road, and eventually under I-35 to Proctor.  The DWP is a very scenic route high above the river estuary and the Munger Trail with two steel trestles and a tunnel under Elys Peak. The Clyde Connector Trail will provide connection from the Smithville neighborhood, to the Munger State Trail, the DWP Trail, and Skyline Parkway within the Magney Snively Forest Preserve.

Project Update:

Construction and restoration of this trail reestablished multi-use access to the State's Munger Trail, Skyline Parkway, Western Waterfront Trail, Superior Hiking Trail, and the Duluth Traverse, while contributing to a 9-mile equestrian trail system.

Project Partners:

Project was funded in part by a $150,000 Federal Recreational Trails Grant from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.