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Natural Resources Management Program Plan (NRMPP)


Project Status: Implementation

Project Overview:

The Natural Resources Management Program Plan (NRMPP) mission is to identify, assess, and invest in the most meaningful tracts of Duluth’s publicly owned open space lands in order to preserve their ecological functions and values, enhance the ecosystem services they provide, and reduce impacts of natural disasters. The project is funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and is being designed with City partners who share the mission of protecting and enhancing these lands. In the end, the NRMPP will include a set of adaptive tools designed to tell the on-going story of natural resource work in the City, document the decisions for project prioritization and strategies, and map and collect data to help us better understand the state of our natural resources.

Project Update:

The NRMPP is designed as a story map for ease of reading, future adaptation, and map viewing. The NRMPP story map can be found at: 


March 2, 2022 – Natural Resources Commission approved the NRMPP.  The NRC’s agenda and past meeting minutes can be found at:

March 2022 – City Council approved the NRMPP. The City Council agendas can be found at

April 2022 and beyond - The City will use the approved NRMPP to guide its future natural resources priorities and focus areas. Please find more information about the City’s natural resources priorities in the NRMPP Storymap linked below. You can also contact the City’s Natural Resources Coordinator at 218-580-9150 or

Important Documents:

Memo: Purpose and Process for Protecting State Tax Forfeited Lands Acquired by the City for Open Space and/or Public Use

Story Map:

Natural Resources Management Program Plan - Public Meeting (November 8, 2021)

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