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Parks & Recreation COVID-19 Status

Duluth Parks is actively monitoring evolving public health guidance from local, federal, and state agencies and setting policy accordingly. Pandemic-related policy is intended to enable citizens to continue to use Duluth parks in a manner that will not contribute to increased disease transmission.

Park users are expected to make responsible choices to utilize parks and trails in a manner that will minimize the risk of disease transmission.

Park users should follow the same general rules of thumb for disease prevention at all times:

  • Maintain minimum six-foot social distances
  • Do not congregate in large groups
  • Minimize contact with high-touch surfaces such as benches, tables, and trash cans.
  • Select alternatives to crowded sites like the Lakewalk
  • Walk to nearby parks rather than driving to more distant park sites
  • Refrain from using parks or trails if exhibiting symptoms
  • Be prepared for the absence of public restrooms, trash receptacles, water fountains, and protection from the elements.
  • Wash hands as directed by the CDC prior to and after visiting parks
  • Visit by yourself or with others in your household
  • Obey all closures and restrictions
  • While on trails, make your presence known and step aside to let others pass

Fact Sheets

Park Policy Announcements June 26, 2020 (click here for full details)
Parks and Recreation Commission Presentations

Summer Programming and Sports/Leagues 

Park Policy Announcements

Pandemic Operations Plan for Parks and Recreation Programs

Equipment Rental Operations Plan 

  • Parks, trails, beaches, and water accesses remain open
Pandemic Policy Announcements (click here for full details)
  • Safe use of natural surface trails
  • Programs, events, and facilities may submit pandemic operations plan
  • Placement of portable toilets
  • Volunteer projects
  • Additional non-motorized recreation opportunities
  • Enger Park Access – portion of Hank Jensen Drive opening
  • Fourth of July fireworks display postponed to Labor Day weekend
Park Maintenance Work Plan (click here for full details)
  • Preserve assets
  • Minimum standards
  • Impacts of Budget Reductions on Parks Maintenance Services

Closed until further notice

  • Drinking fountains & restrooms
  • City buildings

Addressing violations

We are asking for voluntary compliance. Emergencies should be reported to 911.

City Partner Pandemic Policy Documentation

Pandemic Plan Policy (click to view document)

Proposal Template (click to view document)

Once the form is completed, please email to your Parks and Recreation staff liaison.